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Date 2020-02-11

Neuroscience has been a critically important discipline in the 21st century to study the structure & function of brain & nervous systems. It will be beneficial to human welfare through the investigation of normal neural functions and the relevant diseases. The Institute of Neurosciences was founded in August 2007 and has been mainly developing on the bases of genetic, molecular, and cellular neurobiology. The Institute is also focusing the systemic neuroscience by combining the research of behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. Provided by the diverse facets of teaching and research in neuroscience, the development of the Institute aims to cultivate the neuroscientists with interdisciplinary talent and global competition in academic.

The goal is to (1) cultivate the talented neuroscientists with knowledgement of neuroscience & cellular and molecular biology; (2) encourage participation in interdisciplinary cooperation and strengthen the Humane care and accomplishment; (3) expand international academic exchange and research collaboration, and increase the scientific vision; (4) connect to basic research and clinical application, and enhance industrial-academic cooperation.


Research features:

1. According to basic neurobiology in cellular & molecular studies, the scopes of research include neural development & degeneration, neurogenesis & plasticity, and physiological & pharmacological approach to investigating the neuronal mechanisms of learning & memory.

2. Combined with physiology, psychology, and clinical neuropsychology, the basic and clinical research is processing in systemic neurobehavioral level.

3. Integrated with Research Center for Mind, Brain, & Learning for cognitive neuroscience study, we seek to identify the cognitive behavioral functions in individual life, and develop the interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience with pioneered mental characteristics in domestic and abroad.

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